Potential Summer Jam Alert: Chrisette Michele Takes It Easy

Apr 13th, 2009 // 2 Comments

“What You Do” is the second single from Chrisette Michele‘s forthcoming Epiphany, and it’s probably ideal that it’s going to be officially released just as spring flows into summer; the Long Island-born R & B singer, backed by Ne-Yo, tells her lover to put up or shut up over a gentle, piano-led groove that was custom-made for bouncing out of cars on sunny days. Ne-Yo, who helped Michele write much of her second album, gets a “featuring” credit on the track, but the vocal performance is all Michele, who throws down with so much confidence that you know she’s going to be OK, no matter how her current situation turns out. [Def Jam]


  1. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    I haven’t heard this yet, but seeing that name make me want to listen to Michel’le again.

    Oh, and according to wikipedia, she (Michel’le, not Chrisette Michele) has a kid by Dr. Dre and one by Suge Knight. I bet those family reunions are awkward.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    This is good. As someone who doesn’t really like the way Ne-Yo squeezes his voice out, I perhaps would like to hear more of her singing his songs.

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