Actually, Metallica, We Kind Of Did Think You’d Let People Prance Around In Their Underwear For Your “Guitar Hero” Ad

Apr 13th, 2009 // 5 Comments

After all, you do sell Ride The Lightning boxer shorts on your Web site. Not to mention thongs. How could you pass up such an easy cross-promotional opportunity?

Come on, an ad featuring one of you guys in this would be gold for the Spike/G4 crowd.

(I’m didn’t even want to mention this. But dude.)

Guitar Hero Risky Business Ad: Metallica [YouTube]


  1. Mike Conklin

    Thanks, Metallica. I understand now: men who spend time together in their underwear should be gagged and tied to a tree located dangerously close to a burning house.

  2. GBirdii

    @Mike Conklin:

    With a few minor adjustments, that could’ve made a pretty good KKK commercial.

  3. Chris N.

    You may be reading a bit much into it.

  4. saltwater

    They had one shot at this and blew it by making everyone think about Klum.

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