F.U.S.B.I.’s Stirring Tribute To Love, Cinematography

Apr 14th, 2009 // 13 Comments

Sometimes Internet sensations take a while to get going. Like the above video, which had 9,000 views through yesterday, despite being loaded up last year. Well, that’s a crying shame. The clip for F.U.S.B.I.’s accidental indie rock gem “Come On Back” features three 40something bike gang refugees (one sporting an American flag doorag) and a bouncy high school kid on keyboards; it tells the stirring story of a dropped $20 bill, a beautiful lady, and, uh, something else. Yes, this video somehow manages to bungle its facile narrative, but, how about that awesome guy working the boards in the Slipknot shirt? Maura told me yesterday, “I would have just kept the $20.” Sounds like someone’s not a world-class romantic like these Federal United States Booty Inspectors!

I have so many questions:

Who tuned your instruments? Even the keyboards seem out of tune.
Why the high harmony the entire time?
Why in the name of all that is holy on this Earth does the guitar player take off his shirt at the end? I admire the guy’s self-confidence, and I’m glad he was feeling it after laying down such hot licks. I’m not trying to be mean. I’m just saying that, if I were him, I wouldn’t do such a thing.
What is the lead singer doing at the end with the mic? Praying? Crying? Deep thinking?
Who is that young boy playing keyboards? He seems really happy, but my friend JJ has a more sinister theory about his inexplicable presence:

At first i thought the keyboardist must be some kid living in his mom’s basement who answered a a Craigslist ad. After a night to think about it, it seems much more likely that he was shipped to America with the intent of being a sex slave. The lead singer must have won him in a game of poker or something and just sorta figured “Meh, I’ll put ‘im in the band.”

There is even a Japanese “cover version” out there, notable for its less intelligible vocals and sounding way better. It seems like they are really getting at the heart of the rad song lying underneath all of the problems.

“Come On Back” Music Video by F.U.S.B.I. [YouTube]
“Come On Back” Cover [YouTube]

  1. MayhemintheHood

    This is what happens when Tim and Eric sketches become reality. Or vice versa.

  2. Anonymous

    For a split second I thought the guy who retrieved the $20 was Billy Joel.

  3. revmatty

    Wow. Just. Wow. [golf clap].

  4. Anonymous

    If the community college won’t let you use their good camera, at least make sure you get it in one of your shots.

  5. Thierry

    Jesse “The Body” Ventura fronting a really weird mix of Canned Hamm, Roxy Music and every other nameless band on John Hughes movies soundtracks? More, please!

  6. Lucas Jensen

    @Thierry: I ain’t gonna lie. I’m kind of into this band.

  7. Poubelle

    Oh, man. The tags on this post are incredible. I hope to see many more uses of “Accidental Indie Rock,” “Young Keyboard Player” and “Doorags” here on Idolator.

    @beefheartfan: I had that same first impression.

  8. Anonymous

    Lead singer makes the sign language for “doin’ it” at 1:16.

  9. Cam/ron

    @Poubelle: Indeed, the “accidental indie rock” is perfect. A lot of people forget how broad the indie rock catagory is.

  10. Halfwit

    sinister theory on young keyboardist

    Yeah, the first thing I thought of was that he had a disturbing “twink” presence that seemed intentioned to offset the blatant “bear” presence of the rest of the band.

    The sling just isn’t visible in the shot.

  11. Lucas Jensen

    @Cam/ron: And it’s still better than a Wavves song.

  12. Anonymous

    Power Corruption Lies… and ‘do-rags.

  13. janine

    This could be a great band if someone takes that lead singer to the side — Hustle & Flow style — and tells him to push that shit out. I nominate the guitarist, because he clearly has the confidence and the shoulder hair to get it done.

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