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Those Coachella-goers who were hoping that Saturday night’s lineup would be bolstered by an artist who would bring some historical gravitas to the lineup are probably… not all that thrilled that the last-minute addition this year is Joss Stone. [Soundcheck]


  1. Maura Johnston

    Annnd here are the set times:


  2. Lucas Jensen

    YES! JS in the house1

  3. Nicolars

    How does she still have a career? Seriously.

  4. revmatty

    As a headliner? Really? Not to knock her (I’ve never heard anything by her, so I can’t judge) but is she really headliner status?

  5. Josh Mock

    The real travesty is that pretty much everything good on Saturday overlaps.

    TV on the Radio vs. Calexico vs. Tinariwen vs. Glasvegas.

    Then, later in the evening, Atmosphere vs. Gang Gang Dance vs. Mastodon vs. MSTRKRFT.

    I’m going to be running around crying all day Saturday.

  6. Josh Mock

    P.S. Joss Stone is not a headliner. She’s an early-afternoon addition.

    P.O.S. is also on the Saturday lineup, though it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else.

  7. Anonymous

    @Josh Mock: Glasvegas isn’t that exciting live and TV On The Radio is a total studio band.

  8. Josh Mock

    @2ironic4u: Good to know. Glasvegas was going to be the first to go, anyway. I’ll probably go with TVotR just because I like them most, and if it’s boring I’ll move on to one of the other two.

  9. T'Challa

    The set times are CRAZY. How in the world did Ida Maria get stuck at 1:30?!?!

  10. T'Challa

    @Josh Mock: If you’ve never seen TVOTR, you’re doing the right thing by making them a priority. I know it’s ‘au courant’ to dog their live show, but they’re pretty killer in concert, and their most recent tour has been amazing.

  11. Thierry

    @Josh Mock: So there you have it. You should go see TVotR because they are pretty killer in concert, except that you should skip them because they are a total studio band.

  12. TriedandTrue

    @T’Challa: I agree. I have not seen them on the recent tour but thought they were great at Lolla a year or two ago.

  13. T'Challa

    God bless the Idolator brain trust. Who says we don’t cover all angles?!

  14. Anonymous

    I’m not going but for people who are. Make sure you check out The Gaslight Anthem. Great fun live show.

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