So Much For Owning Michael Jackson’s Old Pinball Games

Apr 14th, 2009 // Comment

Michael Jackson‘s belongings, which were set to go to auction in Beverly Hills next week, will not be put up for sale thanks to the singer and auction house Julien’s Auctions, which was coordinating the sale, coming to an agreement where the items will all be returned to the King Of Pop. But you can still see what might have been, as the $10 million worth of items are on display in Beverly Hills until next Saturday!

Jacko spokesman Tohme Tohme said that the two sides were “pleased” with the agreement, which will likely result in the King Of Pop forking over at least some money to the auction house, which laid out at least $2 million to put the auction on. (Those fancy box-set catalogs don’t pay for themselves, you know.) There’s actually a possibility that the items will be on permanent display once they’re returned to the singer, since, hey, people are paying $20 a pop to see all that stuff now, and it would seem to make sense to cut out the memorabilia middleman.

Michael Jackson Auction Canceled, Exhibit Continues [Reuters]


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