Apr 15th, 2009 // 3 Comments

Those of you who haven’t picked up the Merge Records-covers-Merge Records edition of the label’s 20th-anniversary collection Score! can get a taste at Tracey Thorn‘s MySpace, where the Everything But The Girl singer teams up with Jens Lekman to perform the Magnetic Fields’ “Yeah! Oh Yeah.” The cover sounds quite lovely, although given the song’s grisly twist, perhaps that isn’t the best adjective to use to describe the whole thing. [MySpace]


  1. bcapirigi

    I bought the CD just for that… It’s… okay. I wish they’d do other songs together, though. This one sounds too pretty.

    That St Vincent/National duet really surprised me with its goodness, though.

  2. saturn

    The “and you can’t sing” line doesn’t work as well in this version.

  3. statolith

    Heard this on the college radio on the way to work today. Thought it was kind of plodding.

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