Teen Pays $20,000 for Day With Josh Freese

Apr 13th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Remember Josh Freese? He’s the drummer who was offering a range of packages for people who were willing to pay more than the $7 list price for his album, from a thank-you phone call to a lunch date to having him write a song about you—and he was serious about it. Well, some 19-year-old Tool fan went for the $20,000 package, which included mini-golf with Maynard James Keenan and Mark Mothersbaugh. (Turns out the Devo singer couldn’t make it for golf, so they had a pizza party instead.) And he had a great time hanging out with Freese and various rock musicians. He is still, however, a Tool fan. [Wired]

  1. Ned Raggett

    He is still, however, a Tool fan.

    I approve of this, of course.

  2. Maura Johnston

    for those of you wondering how he might have come into this money, josh freese wrote to bob lefsetz while this was going on:

    We’re having him check out of his hotel and stay at our house tomorrow night. It’s a LONG, LONG story that I’ll write about later. You can laugh when I say this but it’s true when I tell you that he came into my life for a reason other than just the $$. I actually feel bad about taking the $$ because at this point I’m not hanging out with him or pretending to be his friend for the cash. He got all of his stuff (and a bunch more that wasn’t on the original menu) a while ago. He’s a sweet 19 year old kid who’s had a really rough last couple years (like REALLY fucking rough.) Like….this money he spent to come out here is part of a inheritance he received (you can fill in the blanks there.) I feel like his big brother and I’m trying to make this one of the best weeks of his life.

  3. Anonymous

    @Maura Johnston: Freese sounds pretty sweet. I hope he’s offering the kid some “brotherly advice” on money management.

  4. Antiheroine

    @Maura Johnston: Aw, that’s so sweet! This just became my favorite story of the day. That even includes the one I just read about Woody Harrelson thinking he was being attacked by a zombie.

  5. Anonymous


  6. KikoJones

    @slowburn: Or maybe Duff McKagan.

  7. revmatty

    Every time this story comes around I realize Freese is one of the most awesome people on the planet.

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