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Look, I’m not going to try to explain Billy Corgan anymore. In his latest missive, he contemplates recording a 44-track album released one track at a time and accompanied by a film, justifies his continued use of the Pumpkins moniker for a solo project in terms a reality show contestant might use (“I committed myself 100 pct”), refers to himself as a “baby faced killa,” and expresses his hope that “from this day forward this group will represent nothing but love and light” without any plausible justification for doing so. Maybe he should take a couple of years off, you know? [MySpace]

  1. Anonymous

    well he did say that he’s gonna start focusing on each song one at a time, perhaps that will be an improvement to the half formed lyrical ideas and riffs than has constituted most of his songs since siamese dream. just sayin’…

  2. KikoJones

    @eriq78: That would be an improvement, yes. But I think Corgan should take a gander at this piece: [www.hypebot.com]

  3. Anonymous

    No one cares. Next.

  4. kicking222

    First, I’d much rather read Courtney’s ramblings than anything Corgan has to say (rambling or not). Courtney’s crazy, but I think Corgan is ten times more self-important. I also feel as if Courtney knows most people don’t care about her anymore, and is thus trying to keep herself in the spotlight by being nuts; I think Corgan, on the other hand, believes that everyone is dying to know everything he has to say at all times.

    Second, my Ida Maria banner ads are gone! Without those blue eyes staring at me when I read Idolator, I don’t know what I’ll do. Whatever the Bamboozle Tour is, and whoever Forever the Sickest Kids are, I’m sure it/they sucks/suck compared to “Fortress Round My Heart”.

  5. Tenno

    He should join up with The Swans so we can all enjoy Zwan and The Swans and they can be awesome and pretentious.

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