Help Me Help You Help Me… Help? (A Final Call For Bug Reports

Apr 17th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Just wanted to thank all of you for your patience as we iron out the glitches in the new system and push off into the new, somewhat familiar waters of WordPress. Having problems with your feed? Your commenting account? Your family? Please send any issues that you think I can assist with–even if you think they are totally minor and probably not worth mentioning–to mauraATidolatorDOTcom. (Or comment here, if you can!) Next week should be a little bit calmer, I think?

  1. Is there no way to change your password? I cannot seem to find it.

  2. @17vargas17 Beat me to the punch on asking that one.

    My only other problem at the moment (aside from being unemployed, natch) is that I’m trying to think of the best Tom Swifty possible. The best one I’ve come up with thusfar is, “‘Come out with your hands up!’ Tom said standoffishly.”

  3. My email is being wonky (technology has generally hated me today), but I also cannot seem to change my password, and my username doesn’t show up (the top of the page says “welcome, .” and it tells me I am “Logged in as .”)

    But otherwise, the new site seems to be working great. And I still can comment.

  4. +1 no password change possible.

    Also, not seeing anyone’s profile pics, except mine. (Might be because I created a fresh profile 10 minutes ago….)

  5. When you hit reply in the middle of a comment (not at the beginning), it seems to erase everything you’ve typed before, replacing it with the @whomever thing.

  6. if you want to change your passwords, you need to have an e-mail address associated with your account. drop me a line if you think you don’t and i can rectify that.

  7. MhS

    Completely amateurish bullshit if you know what I mean

  8. @MhS: are you doing your nick denton impersonation? or just saying that you could have done better, given the challenge of migrating user data from a proprietary interface over to an unfamiliar one?

  9. MhS

    @Maura Sorry, but don’t know what you mean really, who’s this Nick Denton then

  10. @MhS anyhoo if you have any programming chops feel free to email

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