The Pixies Want To Know: Can You Spare $450 For Some Sweet Vinyl?

• Pixies box set to feature un-remastered versions of band’s entire studio output; “deluxe edition” to set you back ~$100 per slab of 180-gram vinyl [RS / Math via The Awl]
• In related news, The Breeders’ new EP is out today, and it’ll only set you back about $4 []
• Noel Gallagher solo project to maybe result in extended Oasis hiatus, just in time for people to start making noise about band collaborating with Gnarls Barkley [Q / Guardian]
• Rogers & Hammerstein catalog sells for an estimated $200 million [WSJ]
Lauryn Hill probably maybe headlining Stockholm Jazz Festival [Billboard]
• Steve Reich wins Pulitzer Prize for Music for his piece “Double Sextet” []

  • KingofPants

    I actually need someone, perhaps one of you that is more versed in the music biz than I, to explain the price tag for that Pixies box set to me, a consumer.

  • LostTurntable

    Easy, Pixies fans are old enough to have money now, and snobby enough to think they can hear the difference of 24k discs and high-quality vinyl. It’s a perfect storm of pretentiousness.

  • KinetiQ

    OMG you referred to the band “Pixies” as “The Pixies”.

    But then there was that “Death to The Pixies” album.

    This is the only conversation the internet allows people to have about (the) Pixies.

  • Halfwit


    CD collection includes bonus tracks, bonus artwork (not a small amount, it sounds), and a Blu-Ray DVD with all the videos (and a full concert), and 54-page book. The original photographers of the album covers are handling the repackaging, and the guys who did the art for NIN’s Ghost’s collection is also involved.

    Limited Edition comes in a custom clamshell, with a glicee print and a 72 page hardcover book.

    Not sure if that makes the Limited Edition worth $450, but you’re probably paying for the “Limited” factor. $175 for the CD collection (plus stuff) doesn’t sound like any less of a value than any other “fetish object” boxset.

  • dr.randy

    Hmm, I’m old, well-off, probably pretentious as fuck, and I adore Pixies, but $450 is still too much for what you’re getting here.

  • MrStarhead

    Remind me… is Lauryn Hill still crazy?