Apr 21st, 2009 // 7 Comments

Lil Wayne, in his most recent blog post for ESPN, throws down his prediction that the Lakers are going to go all the way in the NBA Finals. But more importantly: “I think the Mets are going to be really tough in the East. Now that they’ve got the relief pitching they’ve needed, they’re obviously a different team. They should really win that division.” And what of their crosstown rivals? Well, things may look rough now, but Lil Wayne thinks that they have an ace in the hole with the versatile frozen-treat lover Nick Swisher–because like Weezy himself, he’s an alien from another planet. (His words, not mine!) [ESPN]

  1. I mean, he makes as much sense as half the analysts I hear.

  2. @Lucas Jensen: more sense than anyone on ‘around the horn’ for sure

  3. I love Weezy even more for being a sports fan and keeping this “alien” performance art, going. I’ll bet Swisher sees this and laughs, too.

  4. Also, how do I fix all of this avataring/renaming crap? I see that this is WordPress now, but the comments seem borked beyond borked.

  5. Great tag.

    Haven’t they been saying the Mets “should win” their division the last few years?

    /clears throat

  6. @RockYouLikeAnIracane: you want to help me kick some tires? and/or some ass?

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