Beyonce Shreds

Apr 22nd, 2009 // 5 Comments

Howard Stern played the above clip of Beyonce singing “If I Were A Boy” on Today last November–a version that you didn’t hear, because it was the one that was run through the soundboard, while the version of her voice that went out over the air was, ahem, in tune with the track for most of its running time. Stern and his sidekicks note at the end of the clip that she probably sounded like crap because of her inability to hear her voice properly, but who on the Internet would let the truth get in the way of lulz? (If only someone had some recordings of Enuff Z’nuff TV appearances from back in the day… then maybe we’d hear some real answers.) For comparison’s sake, the performance that aired on Today a few months back is after the jump.

Stern comments on Beyonce’s board feed [YouTube]
Beyonce on the Today Show [YouTube]


  1. Is it just me or does it sound a tad like the bad parts were pitchshifted to make them sound even worse?

  2. @NunyaB: Honestly, I thought the same thing. Do you think shenanigans can officially be called?

  3. She can sing… No one with a bad monitor mix can sing there is a great argument against this here

  4. Add this to my long list of reasons for thinking Howard Stern’s a turd. I’m no Beyonce apologist, but this is some serious BS. Plays right into the stereotype of his audience as a bunch of meathead rockists, which I wish weren’t true but sadly probably is.

  5. I love her music, and her sense of costume is so vogue!

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