Matt And Kim Try To Bring Times Square Back To The Dirty Old Days

Apr 22nd, 2009 // 15 Comments

Let’s say that you’re one of those Brooklyn bands who’s a little worried about following up your blog-hyped initial splash on the scene. What’s the best way to get some extra attention for yourself, in hopes of staving off the inevitable backlash for at least one more free MP3? How about a little old-fashioned nudity, which at least involves fewer body fluids than a sex tape?

Yes, Matt & Kim’s video for “Lessons Learned” features the duo stripping as they walk through Times Square and then, just as they’re about to have a Vanilla Sky-like moment where their clothes and the people normally populating the square switch places in the whole “absent/present” dichotomy, they get struck down by The Man. (Is this a metaphor for illegal loft parties?) Anyway, as someone in Brooklyn Vegan’s always-ready-to-crack comment section noted, this video is actually less salacious than your average American Apparel ad, although its attendant song is almost more annoying than Dov Charney’s relentless “I’m a rebel!” pose.

Matt and Kim – “Lessons Learned” [YouTube]
Matt & Kim naked in Times Square [BV]

  1. Well, that was terrible.

  2. We all know the naked thing has been done before, but not by Matt and Kim. I think it’s great.

  3. That’s tame for Times Square.

  4. Yawn. How does such a fun live band make such a boring video where they’re both naked in public? Probably the same way they made a boring second album.

  5. Song? Awful.
    Video? Awful.

    Well, I think we’ve got the bases covered.

  6. Why do they still have a career? Seriously. They haven’t released anything even remotely musical since their debut single.

  7. Huh. I kinda like the keyboard licks at the end of that song. I think it’s at least somewhat musical.

  8. Shrill and dull at the same time. I shouldn’t be bored with a video featuring so much copious nudity. Plus, after “What’s My Age Again?”, how does this kind of concept even make it past the unimaginative pitch? The bus bit at the end felt like the director saying “Not shocking enough? Hows about this!?” Patrick Daughters video for “Wrong” eats this shit alive.

  9. @everyone commenting in this post: haters to the left

  10. Well everyone’s heard of Matt and Kim, but Times Square, what’s that??

    o wait… it got that back to.. nevermind…

  11. If you look closely you’ll realize this is just an ad for Pepsi.

  12. @lanny: Yeah, maybe in 1981…

    Not bad, not awesome. I like Matt and Kim; they always seem genuinely happy.

  13. This guy’s voice makes me want to stab people.

  14. Why is her back blurred out? Does she have back nipples?

  15. I guess I’m one of the few who really liked the second album… The video isn’t so great though. The ending is amazingly violent though, which I guess makes sense.

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