Apr 22nd, 2009 // 4 Comments

New Yorkers, take note: The final close-out at the Union Square Virgin Megastore–the last music-focused superstore in Manhattan–begins tomorrow, when all the merchandise in the store will be brought back to its original list price, then discounted 20%. What this means for you: If you’re in the hunt for a bargain, you should either go there tonight, before the “sale” stickers get peeled off en masse; otherwise, you should wait a few weeks. (But not too many, as the sale will run through May.) Hey, anyone want to get together for a big old-fashioned meetup when the prices are a little more right? [Racked]


  1. I am all about an Idolator shopping spree. That said, judging the price timing on this sort of thing is almost impossible, as my final expedition to the Times Square Virgin proved. This’ll have to be done with all the lightning reflexes of a flash mob. Or maybe a Tweetup! Or something equally obnoxious.

  2. Me me me me me me me! Name the time, honey.

  3. Ha, I’ll actually be there tonight (seeing Jack’s Mannequin at Irving Plaza). I’d actually be more into buying some books they have there at a discount price (do those count as part of the sale?)

  4. @2ironic4uoooh yeah, I got some great book bargains when the Michigan Ave. one here in Chicago closed down…

    Although, I’d rather that the store was still there and not a Forever 21.

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