Beyonce Shreds Howard Stern’s Credibility

Apr 22nd, 2009 // 8 Comments

Oh hey, remember that clip of Beyonce where she supposedly sounded really bad while singing on Today? From all the way this morning ago. It was altered to make her sound worse. Shock! Actually, listening to the clip more than once while not snickering about “dumb pop stars” could have given away this piece of information, since there were points where her pitches were going nearly parabolic, but just in case you didn’t trust your instincts, the person responsible for doctoring the tape came clean to that bastion of getting to the bottom of stories, TMZ. Yay, everybody! [TMZ]


  1. so, what I’m now wondering is how MUCH was it altered? I can see those ridiculous high notes are totally fake, but what about everything else? She sounded rather miserable to me the entire time, and I have to think that some of that was real.

  2. MhS

    Does Howard Stern have any crediblity left to shred?

  3. @chachwitablog: While Beyonce doesn’t have the world’s greatest voice, it’s generally understood that she’s incredibly well trained (thanks, stage dad!). I’d be surprised if any seriously egregious notes were actually hers (barring the “couldn’t hear monitors” issue).

  4. @Halfwit Beyonce has a great voice. What are you talking about?

  5. @Halfwit I know, but just listening to the whole thing, she sounded really crummy but not in a “fake” way. I guess I can’t put my finger on it, but some of it just sounded real-yet-bad. Also, I assumed that the basic premise behind the prank (that her mic was basically off and she was singing along to a track but no one could hear her singing) was true, because I know a lot of performers do that and the Today show might even require/encourage it.

  6. HA! I knew it! When I listened to it this morning it just sounded too weird. The actual singing seemed pretty good for early morning/live/outside in a skin tight unitard thing. It was just the hectic pitch changes that were insane.

  7. Silliest headline ever.

  8. @slowburn: Like I said, inherently her voice isn’t particularly strong. Standing up against the legends, or even against a Christina Aguilera, I don’t think she’s going blow anyone away. However, what she has she has used with maximum efficiency.

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