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Recorded music sales in the U.S. decreased 18.6% between 2007 and 2008 (to $4.98 billion), while sales in the rest of the world stalled at the relatively slower rate of 8.3% (to $18.4 billion). Who’s going to be the first genius who claims that the real solution to the problem will be an education program that results in more pirates taking to the Internet? [Billboard / Pic via lone]


  1. I doubt anybody will encourage more piracy. However there is a valid question regarding how much music a pirate will purchase compared to somebody who has never pirated anything.

    So how much did film revenues plunge between 2007 and 2008 in this world of rampant digital piracy? 2008 appears to be a record year for box office gross. (To be fair – less tickets were sold but the prices were higher than the previous year.) (source link below)

    And how do you explain the gross for a film like Taken? This film was pirated for nearly six months before it was released in the States and yet it is the third highest grossing film in the US this year. Would the film had as much success if it weren’t for the word of mouth from pirates?

    I create software so I am definitely not advocating piracy. However I think there is some type of symbiotic relationship between pirates and successful digital media. (Apologies for film industry references in this comment!)

    Sorry I am new here so I’m not sure what type of html tags are good so I am putting this down here.
    2008 Box Office Grosses – [url=http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2009/01/2008-box-office.html]Hollywoodinsider[/url]

  2. Would the film had as much success if it weren’t for the word of mouth from pirates?

    Yes, because the word of mouth from ‘pirates’ was BAD. Look at any torrent site and its all commenters bashing the movie. It is LUDICROUS to think that its early leaking is why it’s grossing so much.

    If online word of mouth translated to any sort of real sales, Snakes on a Plane would have made a billion dollars. Instead, everyone involved with TEH INTERWEBZ saw it opening weekend and everyone else continued to not care about the dumb movie their “1337″ teenage brother had been talking up for months.

  3. A light-tech friend of mind said that a bunch of Music Row people got their 60-day notices this week. I probably would have known sooner but I don’t leave the house much since I got laid off…I give it sixteen months before BMI and ASCAP are knife-fighting underneath the nekkid-people statues.

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