Apr 23rd, 2009 // 3 Comments

Myrtle Beach, S.C., may be burning, but that didn’t stop the owners of the amusement park formerly known as Hard Rock Park–still musically inspired, but now called Freestyle Music Park–from unveiling its new rides for kids today. The area is called Kids In America; the rides, Get Off My Cloud, Fly Like an Eagle, Wheels in the Sky and Life Is a Highway. The songs are kind of moldy for a kiddie-themed area, no doubt because the parents need to be entertained, too. [Myrtle Beach Sun News]


  1. I will only entertain this place as a potential vacation destination if there’s a Cypher Compete area that plays the instrumental to “Grindin’” on 24/7/365 loop.

  2. Yeah, but the freestyle version of Fly Like An Eagle really kicks some ass.

  3. @TheIlliterate: I think that needs to happen right away. Think we can get Expose back together to cover it?

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