Hot Chip Jam With The Homeless

Apr 24th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Some people seem to really dislike Hot Chip, but since around 2006, I think they’ve been one of my favorite acts as far as single releases go. Since the band is playing some sort of benefit for the homeless in London soon, they remade part of the “Over and Over” video with actual homeless people. It’s a joyous mini-reminder of a miserable situation, but it helped cheer my foul post-Doves/last day mood a bit, so why not share it? [NME]


  1. Dan, I am sad to see you go. Will you visit?

  2. Yes, please visit, Dan? I’ll miss your crankiness, and who will post Miami bass videos here now?

  3. Who?! Who are these boneheads who don’t like Hot Chip?!! Fools!

    All best and godspeed, Dan. And for the record, I don’t think you and Lucas are the same person, I swear.

  4. I too love Hot Chip. I think they’re a difficult band to classify, which turns some people off.
    I’ve actually tried justifying them to some people by saying they’re sort of like the Pet Shop Boys. (I get that sort of attitude from them at least)

  5. oh, and when you wrote post Doves, I thought you’d written a mean post about the band, and I was preparing to be defensive.

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