Freestyle Music Park Apparently Has No Interest In Being An Amusement Park About Freestyle Music

Apr 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

The above clip, Dan Hartman’s “Name Of The Game,” is being embedded in honor of this kinda-sad news about the recently rebranded Freestyle Music Park: “John Stine, the director of sales and marketing for the park, said the park’s new owners, FPI MB Entertainment, was aware that the genre existed, but it did not have any impact on the renaming of the park. … He said there are no plans to incorporate the genre into the park, which officials have said would include country, reggae, beach music, pop, R&B, alternative, Christian and disco music. That doesn’t mean, though, that it may not be incorporated in the future.” John Stine, all I am going to say is, we have some ideas that could make Freestyle Music Park a lot more fun than whatever Margaritavilled horrors a park about “beach music” might result in. [The Sun News / YouTube]


  1. When they say beach music, they are probably talking about the beach music of the Carolinas and the Georgia coast, which is a pretty big deal to people who grew up in that region. It’s the music that gave birth to the dance The Shag, if I remember correctly (Googling now…). Since clubs were racially segregated, beach bands were often white folks covering or trying to emulate bands like The Drifters and The Platters. I think the Swinging Medallions and The Embers were the big bands, maybe? A lot of these guys still play and their are a few beach music stations and radio shows in the Carolinas. It’s pretty fascinating!

    I once had to DJ a party and play a lot of “beach music” and I thought I was gonna have to play Jimmy Buffett or yacht rock, but they wanted Carolina Shag music, thank God.

  2. @Lucas Jensen: “Carolina Girls” by Gen. Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board is a good example:

  3. I’m pretty sure that a freestyle music themed 90s-era Action Park would be my personal Platonic ideal amusement park.

  4. Freestyle Music Park will quickly devolve into Freebase park.

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