The Creed Reunion: Well, You Knew It Was Going To Happen Eventually

Apr 27th, 2009 // 16 Comments

Today’s sorta-unsurprising sign of an impending apocalypse: Bombastic post-grunge outfit Creed is getting back together for a new album and a two-month tour that kicks off in August; frontman Scott Stapp, who is probably right now enjoying his best day of, oh, the past five years or so, is saying that the jaunt won’t be a cash-in, but a “renewing and a rebirth.” (I knew there was something behind all that Twitter activity!) Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was the member of the band who initially had the idea for this reliving of past glories.

Stapp, who made the initial push for Creed to get back together, says it was awesome to see all the guys in one room again. “I said, ‘I love you and if I’ve ever caused you any pain in your life forgive me.’ And they said the same things right back.”

With any bad blood dissolved, the guys got back to jamming and planning a summer tour. “We’re not trying to stay in a certain place or conform to where we left off,” says Stapp. “The music is fresh, edgy, raw, passionate, honest and it rocks.”

“It’s just the right time and we’re all excited!”

We all are, Scott. We all are. Well, except for maybe Myles Kennedy. And whoever was left in Stapp’s solo band. Perhaps they can make lemonade out of all these yarly lemons?

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  1. I’d suggest that maybe the best parts of the Limp Bizkit reunion and the best parts of the Creed reunion and the best parts of the RATM reunion could get together to make a supergroup and spare us the rest… … but then we’d have three guitar players.

    For full disclosure (prepare your whips), I not only own three Creed albums, but will defend the second one to the death. The first I’m indifferent to, and the third made me wish I illegally downloaded music.

  2. How much higher can Mr. Stapp take us with his musical poetry? Maybe Creed’s new, raw sound is that of Christian electro rock? (Remember gravy grunge Brits Bush went electronic after their third attempt flopped?)

    Either way, I’m sure they’ll get some spins–somewhere. This might not be completely related: But has anyone noticed that modern rock stations are going bye-bye. Here in NYC, the two rock stations are 101.9 and Q104.3. 101.9 is more eclectic in their selections and take chances by playing deeper cuts. But, for the most part, play male guitar rock orientated towards punk, blues, and arena, mixing up the eras. Q104.3 is your straight up classic rock, mixing up the same 30-40 classics from Floyd, Zep, Van Halen, Queen, etc. all day. They’ve added some Nirvana and Pearl Jam to the mix lately.

    But I’m wondering where the audience that actually wants to hear Creed, Lumpy Bizkit, and the rest will go to find it?

    I mostly listen to CBS FM or Hot 97 because in the car I want to hear either Motown or hip-hop. And they have great DJs.

  3. This is the kind of thing that makes me question whether there is a God.

  4. Despite the scowl, Stapp is so excited he had to hide his junk.

  5. Somebody’s legs are wide open while scratching their nuts and looking pissed about it.

  6. at least he looks less greasy!

  7. Gotta make the child support payments somehow, I guess.

    And if anyone doubts that the album is going to be huge, and have at least one successful single, you should consider that Pearl Jam had a #1 song this year. Pearl. Jam. Your average Afflication-wearing MMA fan is going to be all over this record. The only thing that would cripple it is poor promotion or the band self-destructing (again) in the studio.

  8. Scott Stapp isn’t actually sitting down in that picture – he’s just back to his legs-spread-wide singing stance.


  10. ugh, swine flu indeed.

  11. @brooklynradio: 101.9 is perhaps one of the most frustrating listens. Just when you think you’re free of baby boomer rock and might have an alternative/modern rock outlit, they hit you with a Boston, Aerosmith and/or Rod Stewart song.

  12. @TheRunningboard7: I’ll be on the whipping post right next to you…bought the first and stole the other two from my brother.

    I’m an optimist, but maybe the fact that Alter Bridge showed that the guys not named Scott Stapp can in fact play might bring something good to a new Creed album. That said, why does the guy in the top right look like he’s 15 years older than everyone else?

  13. Thanks for posting this! With so much bad news being posted it’s good to see some positivity!!!! Everyone wants to hate. yeah, I’d like to see them go triple DIAMOND, sell 35 millions records, right? exactly.

    This is the BEST news I’ve ever heard…in my entire life. The one band that actually improved people’s lives by giving them a second Christ to look up to and give true hope that life can be worth living! Scott Stapp will be remembered as the songwriter of our generation, not to mention easily the best SHOW of our Millenia! Even his National Anthem soars skyscraper-height over Aretha’s inaugural rendition! I love Aretha, who doesn’t, but Scott dominates… and we should bestow upon him the honor and rock-god glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

    Wicked Celtics

  14. I agree with wickedceltics. I am excited about the reunion. I have seen many many concerts and they are they best live performance ever!! GO CREED!!!

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