Beth Ditto Is A Musician Once Again

Apr 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

The studio version of the Gossip’s new single “Heavy Cross”–teased last week in this space–is now streaming from the band’s MySpace page. The nervous interplay between the twitchy disco guitars and Beth Ditto’s strangely neutered voice sounds straight out of a freestyle comp –but then the rest of the band kicks in, and… well, if you liked “Standing In The Way Of Control” but thought that it just didn’t sound flattened-out enough, “Heavy Cross” may be for you.

The meanest-but-probably-truest commentary comes from a Stranger reader: “ditto should have spent more time writing songs rather than hobnobbing with kate moss and becoming a joke.”

GOSSIP [MySpace; HT Jordan P.]


  1. Wait – Beth Ditto is in a band? And wears clothes? What?

  2. Ohh, I was wondering if this would ever happen again! I’ll be interested to see if their new album sells better, considering that Beth’s stature has risen in the States. Her lack of eyebrows will continue to unnerve me, though.

  3. Three freestyle mentions this month, two this week… can we maybe get Lisa Lisa back onto P4k’s radar?

  4. @billy c: dude, i’m trying.

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