IMPORTANT ADMIN NOTE: Please Change Your Commenter Password

Apr 27th, 2009 // 21 Comments

Hi everyone! So, someone apparently snuck into the Buzz Media home base and fed our new servers after midnight, which resulted in all our command-line entries being replied with lyrics to “New York, New York,” as well as our commenters’ login information going haywire. So if you could maybe reset your password as soon as you see this, I would be much obliged. Also, if you registered anytime after Saturday afternoon, you’ll probably need to register again, as that segment of our database has apparently eaten itself. Questions? Problems? Worried about what might happen if someone splashes water on you? Drop me an e-mail with your login info and we’ll work it out. Thanks so much. [YouTube]

  1. I’m getting a “Fatal Error” when I go to my profile page. But for now I’m logged in, so I’ll just wait it out.

  2. I guess I can comment again. (Although I can’t figure out how to change my password to something I can remember, as opposed to the random letter/number combo set for me. What am I missing?)

  3. I get fatal error too! Caca! I don’t want to log out and mess anything up!

  4. just don’t click on your profile link yet. we’re still hammering out kinks.

  5. Maura, could you holler when it’s ready? I’ve checked back a couple of times over the course of the afternoon and no dice….

  6. Quoth Butt-head: “Testes…testes…1, 2…3?”

  7. I do not see where in the profile to change a password.

  8. TriedandTrue: Log out, then go here:

    and click “forgot your password?”

  9. I am testing my user password lulz.

  10. Okay, I’ve reset my password. When can I actually change it to something I can remember?

  11. @Lampbane: We’ve been wondering that for a while.

    Also, the full error that TheIlleterate (and I presume everybody) got on their profile page is the following:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: userphoto() in /autofs/isilon1/idolator/ on line 7

  12. Password changes will come back when profile pages are properly tweaked. Alternately, you can e-mail me and I can manually do it for you.

    Thanks, guys. I know how frustrating this all is, believe me.

  13. I ain’t testin’ shit…I’m locked in Splice of Life and I’m pretty sure the mutant spider is gonna kill me if the electro-gremlin doesn’t first…

  14. Wait–where’s my kogepan picture?

  15. Pictures will be back soon.

  16. @DocStrange:

    I know, I just thought it was an appropriate subject to bring up in this post rather than others.

  17. neue nachrichten

    The first time in years that I clicked on “I’m Feeling Lucky” and at last got a relevant page. Thank you.

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