Macy Gray Wants To Know What The Hell She’s Doing Here

Macy Gray is still around, as evidenced by a Los Angeles performance over the weekend where she took the stage and growled her way through Radiohead’s “Creep.” Perhaps I was setting the bar for this cover at unrealistic levels, but the arrangement by Gray’s backing band–which included Camp Freddy bandmates Matt Sorum and Billy Morrison–made the whole thing sound like Gray was trying to stoke some ’90s nostalgia with a new song called “I Cry (Some More).” (Prepping this post resulted in me playing both videos simultaneously, and the similarities were uncanny; you can experience the cacophony after the jump.)

Weird, right? Maybe that’s just her transformative effect on songs.

Macy Gray – Creep [YouTube; HT The Tripwire]
Macy Gray – I Try [YouTube]

  • bcapirigi

    She was on a pretty okay single by Kaz James a couple of months ago. I think it did ok in Australia.

  • Lampbane

    Are covers of “Creep” now the new “it” thing to do?

  • insideoutbox

    @Lampbane: pretty much yeah, i believe the trend was started by kermit the frog

  • KinetiQ

    Amanda Palmer’s is still my favorite version. I don’t even know her and it made me want to change my locks.