Rock Of Love, Rock Of Lust: Two Curiosities That Popped Up This Week

Love! Romance! And all that crap! This week brought two very different music-related spins on the aforementioned topics to my attention, or at least two things that try to bring together music and “relationships.” Blog-rock porn and Sublime fans playing the match game, after the jump! What looks to be the warehouse of Los Angeles tastemaker label Dim Mak has served double duty as a porn studio, presumably because these tough times require even the most trust-funded outlets for recorded music to find alternate revenue streams. To help out those of us who are either trapped behind corporate firewalls or not into watching American Apparel ads come to life, Zach Baron at the Village Voice‘s blog live-blogged the whole thing, taking special care to note the placement of Dim Mak logos in the bathroom where the deed takes place, as well as the sex acts’ effects on his willingness to recall the names of prominent Dim Mak artists. It’s been a long, long time from that Young People record, hasn’t it? Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, I received a solicitation about Rock And Roll Dating Dot Com, an ad-supported personals site that allows you to filter your prospective love interests’ profiles by favorite band. Why anyone potentially interested in the opposite sex would advertise that they listened to Sublime is beyond me, but they are one of the more popular bands on the site, along with Radiohead, Led Zep, and Tool (!). There are also chats with the likes of Jack Endino and Genesis P. Orridge, although for some reason the interviews are bereft of romantic advice. Anyway, it’s pretty much your standard-grade personals site for the 29-45 music fan demographic; its overall structure of the site vaguely reminded me of the old-school indie-mating site, which is still around, and probably collectively shitting itself over the aforementioned Dim Mak fantasy being committed to tape. (Throwing hot dogs down hallways is so last week.)