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Will Allison Iraheta be torpedoed by a bunch of insane Mean Girl adolescents who are insane with jealousy over the idea that she’s a roadblock to their happiness with Kris Allen? The LA Times‘ Richard Rushfield is implying that signs point to yes: “Tonight, in the Idoldome, a 13-year-old girl looked me in the eye and admitted that her school friends will despise Allison for getting to live in a house with these guys. And what’s more she said, a hint of menace in her voice, they will punish her for it.” There is much, much more at the link, but what I want to know is: I can understand the cute-boy appeal of Kris and maybe Matt, and the Twilight-like vampiric charm of Adam, but is there really a critical mass of teenage girls who think Danny Gokey is “hot,” or is he being saved by the Soul Patrol demographic? [Idol Tracker via thisisareallybadidea]


  1. Have barely watched this season, but last night confirmed that Allison is practically the only person on here I’m rooting for in the slightest. I can only hope that Simon’s whole speech about her going home no matter how good she was will rally her supporters to some degree.

  2. I’ve never understood any conversation in which Idol-watchers claim they’re going to “punish” someone. All you can do is not vote for that person. There’s no way to send a thumbs-down vote. Sorry to bring up the obvious, but…unless these jealous teen girls know how to depress turnout by people who would otherwise vote for Allison, this seems like a non-story to me.

    That said, Allison’s probably in trouble tonight, for the simple reason that she doesn’t have Kris’s, Danny’s or Adam’s fan base. Matt is also toast.

    Finally: Gokey = Soul Patrol — yep, ‘fraid so.

  3. @Chris Molanphy:

    Well, they can vote for every single person BUT Allison, even Danny, and that’s about the same thing. If they can’t push her down, they’ll just pull everyone else up: she ends up at the bottom either way.

  4. @Lampbane: I realize that, but I highly, highly doubt most haters do this to the object of their hatred.

    This week, I grant, it’s plausible — you only have to dial/text for four other people — but below the Top Five it’s too tedious for anyone with a teenager-level attention span.

  5. @Chris Molanphy: You underestimate the focused cruelty and the sheer volume of disposable time that a teenage girl possesses.

  6. I just love how when they brought up about her living in the house full of guys, they made sure she mentioned her parents being there.

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