Is Tupac Alive?

Or is TMZ just using some out-of-focus, badly aimed pictures of an African-American male with a nose ring and some facial hair to gin up flatlining traffic? The fact that these photos are presented to the reader in the always-pageview-inflating gallery format would lead me to believe the latter, but I’m something of a skeptic. [TMZ]

  • Chris Molanphy

    Kinda obvious, but somebody has to post it:

  • Thierry

    It’s probably not him, but man, this guy must get stared at a lot, seeing as he’s basically Tupac’s twin:

  • Thierry

    Oops – here’s the link I was trying to include:

  • temporary

    The best part about your hyperlinked quote, “flatlining traffic,” is that you link to a metric of the site which shows garnering just over 5 million unique users a month, a figure that has dropped since the month of February.

    The thing that’s funny about this in particular is when comparing this to’s ranking on the same site, this site is absolutely dwarfed. As in, a thumbnail compared to the sun kind of dwarfed. As in, under 150,000 unique users a month (also on the decline, might I add). Here’s the link:

    Next time you want to take a jab at a (admittedly shitty) competitor, do it intelligently. And all this, without even bringing up the fact that statistics are an awful representation of ANY site’s actual stats. OH MY!

  • Vulture.Protein

    Are you alive? (breathing doesn’t count)

  • Maura

    @temporary: believe me, i know my traffic is a speck on the windshield of tmz’s aol-leased jalopy. (have you never heard of david and goliath?) but you know as well as i do that any decline in numbers just looks bad–especially for an aol-owned property today. not to mention that pretty much every traffic-measurement site out there has its flaws. and galleries are just cheesy. and bringing up the whole ‘tupac alive’ today is just suuuuch a cheesy deflection tactic. and so on.

    (also i don’t really see tmz as a competitor, mostly because i like to use “words” and “complete sentences.” ymmv!)

    either way, smooches for trying to keep me honest.

  • Maura

    @Vulture.Protein: my sweaty palms would indicate ‘yes.’

  • Poubelle

    @Maura: One of the things I always enjoy about this site is the snappy comebacks. I mean, on top of the “actual written content” and “intelligence/wit” things.

  • temporary

    @Maura: As you’ll have noticed above, I made no stake whatsoever on TMZ’s non-existent ability to write or the validity of galleries (though in certain cases — for instance, one where you were trying to show a bunch of pictures as the point of the story — they make perfect sense. What I did, simply, was point out a flaw in your unnecessary snark shot at TMZ. While I agree with you that TMZ is, to put it lightly, complete tripe, being a snarky douche yourself doesn’t help to perpetuate that good writing you’d like to see out of other outlets. Lead by example, right?

  • temporary

    *they make perfect sense).

  • juiceandgin

    Is Tupac alive? Earlobes say…not so much.

  • Maura

    @temporary: totally fair. i still maintain that those numbers are probably causing panics among not-so-clued-in execs — i’m sure you have dealt with that type as well — and that it’s, yes, douchey but fun to pile on.

  • Maura

    @temporary: (and i’m sure that as a regular reader of this site you know that i generally refrain from the cheap shots, and in fact often run from them. but when it’s such a delectable target… well. hard to resist. mea culpa.)

  • RGve

    @temporary: Please. Comparing Idolator unflatteringly with TMZ is like dissing a skateboard manufacturer for not matching GM’s sales. If it’s just a cock-off do we all bow down to google? And I thought Idolator’s numbers looked pretty good considering it’s pretty much a music industry blog that thought big. Esp compared to Pitchfork using the same site… Is those dude’s much-vaunted influence on the wane, does no one like the redesign. Or were they never that big in the first place?

  • Chainsaw Dick

    @everyonewhocommentedonthisthread: can we please stop with the comparisons in this thread? it’s like comparing a handful of jellybeans to sojourner truth. it’s like comparing dip pen nanolithography to a clay pot my dad made in 3rd grade. it’s like raining on your wedding day.

  • slowburn

    @Chainsaw Dick: Seriously! They’re distracting me from that picture, which looks less like Tupac’s twin and more like Tupac’s drunk uncle.

  • Maura

    I mainly want to hear more earlobe analysis.

  • elvissinatra

    @RGve: You sure you wanna use GM’s sales as an example? Or was that a clever meta-diss of TMZ?

  • k-rex

    @juiceandgin: Any plastic surgeon could have removed his earlobes in a ploy to secure his claim the de Bleuchamp legacy.

  • Maritza Ramirez

    Tupac is alive and will come back sone that is tupac on the TMZ pic so watch out lil wayne i know like ur music and all but Tupac is coming back #1 fan of Tupac

  • kenny

    if he is still alive he should expose himself