Jessica Hopper on nostalgia and psychic growth, in the form of a review of Jane’s Addiction’s three-disc attempt to cash in now, honey: “To believe that Jane’s Addiction headlining Lollapalooza again is somehow historic, to be psyched about this recurrence, is like masturbating to the memory of losing your virginity. Sure, it was meaningful when it happened, but 20 years down the line, it’s a pity if this is what’s getting you off. If what was our pinnacle then is still our pinnacle now, it reflects pretty poorly on how we’ve been spending our time.” [Chicago Reader]

  • NedRaggett

    I’ll be seeing the OC date of the tour with very mixed emotions — wasn’t even planning on going until I heard a friend who owed me back for tickets for another show had bought ones for this in exchange, so fair enough. It’s the same venue where I last saw them in 1991 so I know I’ll be all ‘something’s not right here.’