Rob Thomas Is Somehow Supposed To Make The NBA Playoffs More Exciting Than Last Night’s Celtics-Bulls Game

• A new Rob Thomas track will be played ad infinitum during the NBA playoffs, so consider yourselves warned, sports fans (In related news, every single time I go to my local supermarket, Lite-FM is piping in a Rob Thomas song. And more often than not, it’s “Lonely No More,” which I thought was kind of a dud at least chart-wise! Adult contemporary: Where songs never die.) [AP]
• Serial package-tour launcher Kevin Lyman–who counts among his charges the Vans Warped Tour, the Rockstar Mayhem Tour, and the Taste Of Chaos Tour–is launching a country package tour next year [Billboard]
• 50 Cent said something sorta-nice about Rick Ross, but couched it in allegations of Def Jam chart shenanigans [MTV]
Kelis and Nas are splitting up [NYDN]
• Coldplay giving away live album [Billboard]

  • MayhemintheHood

    That’s really funny, the Rob Thomas thing. I was watching some playoff basketball just two days ago, and thought about a few years back when they would always play his song that goes “this is how a heart breaks” throughout the entire goddamn post-season, like A) it was actually a good song or B) it would make someone excited or pumped about basketball. Oddly enough, I told myself “Well, at least they stopped that crap.” Spoke too soon.

    Just play the old NBC/John Tesh theme, for cryin’ out loud.

  • Chris Molanphy

    Sheepish confession: I liked “Lonely No More.”

    And chart-wise, the song went Top 10, and Thomas’s solo album did very well at Adult Top 40 and A/C, spinning off multiple hits.

    Sorry, I’m sounding like his great defender in his post. Other than this one song, I find his material mad schlocky. But he did do a’ight in ’05.

  • Steve M. Lepore

    A Led Zeppelin reunion couldn’t get me to watch an NBA game.

    /NHL playoffs are better’d.

  • BradNelson

    @Chris Molanphy: The Carvel I worked at when I was in high school soundtracked dripping milk and ice product with nothing but the local adult alternative station. At this point in my life “Lonely No More” only recalls the mopping of ice cream stains from hardwood floors and feeling as though I had been toiling in dry milk for several underpaid hours.

    In other words, my immediate reaction to your confession was, “Fuck no, that is a fucking awful song, no question.” But I have my biases, you see.

  • Chainsaw Dick

    rob thomas is the poor man’s richard marx.

  • Aurelia Dine

    Would this work in England too?