Anybody Want To Go In On A Slightly Used Music Venue?

Microsoft PowerPoint - Blender theater.ppt

Its onetime presenting sponsor went to the ever-expanding magazine graveyard a few weeks back, so it’s probably not too surprising that the Gramercy Theater in New York–formerly known as the Blender Theater At Gramercy–has had its lease put on the market by owners Live Nation. Are you interested in getting involved in the exciting business of live music? (It’s going to save the music business, you know!) The ad for the two-story venue (it has 186 seats on its top level and an all-important already-existing liquor license, FYI) is after the jump. Why do I have a feeling a liquor brand is going to snap this place up?Live Nation Offers A Blender [Down By The Hipster via No Rock And Roll Fun]