Jay-Z Gives Open-Mindedness, Third Eye Blind Their Due

Last night, Jay-Z performed in Arizona with Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson, a genre-spanning bill that Jay-Z has something to say about. In a statement sent to Rap Radar, he lays out his theory that there is way too much genre-splitting in music these days, and he announces a maybe-facetious, maybe-not plan to book more shows with bills featuring big pop stars of all genres. (Even bands who are thought of by most people these days as ’90s one-hit wonders and whose frontmen take to the comments sections of blogs in order to disabuse those notions.) Unfortunately, there’s no new version of “Semi-Charmed Life” to come out of Hova’s epiphany, but we’ll give it time–in the meantime, check what he had to say after the jump.

Last night I performed at the University of Arizona, I had a ball!! Through all the excitement and joking around (as well as the technical difficulties) I missed out on the opportunity to say something important..

On the show as well were Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson.. I thought that to be the oddest pairing EVER but, soon realized, it’s what I’ve always professed..There is NO such thing as BLACK music or WHITE music only GOOD or BAD music..It’s stupid cool to like things that are not like you, and that goes for outside of music.. If you’re an African American you can have a jewish friend. Wait, does Lyor having some Israeli mixed with his jewish count? (Sure they are paranoid but, so are black people after they’ve smoked weed, haaaaa, and plus the JEW fro and the BLUEprint fro are the SAME thing.)

I think concerts like this should happen more often. ( Outside of the one or 2 festivals a year or “Zootopia”) I’m putting that into the universe..next up Taylor Swift and Uncle Murda!!

Sorry I don’t “Tweet” (do I?) so this will have to do..


Obviously, I agree with Jay here, but we’ll see if concert promoters follow the
University of Arizona’s lead on this point. (And p.s., Jay: I thought you did Tweet! Ahem.)

A Word From Hov [Rap Radar]

  • MusicQuizKing75

    I can’t wait to hear Hova’s rendition of “Motorcycle Drive By” featuring Ciara.

  • Vulture.Protein

    The concert slots are sold to whoever wants to buy them. Clearly everyone on that bill sans Jay-Z needs the exposure. They probably had to pay a hefty price for such an honor.

  • http://idolator.com/ Maura

    @Vulture.Protein: bzzzt.

    “The show wasn’t cheap. Jay-Z was paid $750,000 for his 75-minute set ($10,000 a minute, if you’re doing the math).
    Kelly Clarkson got $175,000, Third Eye Blind $85,000 and the Veronicas $20,000, for a total of $1.03 million. ”

    also, kelly clarkson ‘needs the exposure’? i know you hate ‘american idol,’ but please do yourself the favor of living in the real world before making statements like that.

  • http://8tracks.com/jacks Chainsaw Dick

    @Maura: i used to book for my college, and i can say those prices are inflated. we got kanye for just over 100k on his graduation tour, and 3EB went for 45k last year, so those prices are pretty unbelievable. however, i concur on the vulturehate. that guy is like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife.

  • http://www.desperationandnoise.com BradNelson

    @MusicQuizKing75: Dude I am totally imagining that song in hip-hop form right now.

    It kinda works.

  • xionglu09

    Nice dude. Nice. Sweet. When you are trying to be humorous, the least you can do is actually write something competent.