Also, He’s Looking For A New Guitarist

A Craigslist ad titled “I caught my guitarist screwing my wife so I am selling his guitar amp!” has some pretty, uh, interesting specs on the amp itself: “It has three channels, Clean, Crunch, and Look At Me, I Am Playing Another Lead! It has a foot switch that changes between the channels and turns on and off the effects loops so you can have a ginourmous home made pedal board and look like the biggest douche that ever graced the stage of the Riot Room. There is also a reverb so you can make your guitar sound like the moaning echos of a man who’s wife is a cheating whore. I assure you, it is in pristine shape, as the former owner took care of it like it were his baby. Well, he is busy taking care of other things now, isn’t he? Please buy this thing before I throw it through the window of his house.” That is what you’d call a “motivated seller” right there. [Craigslist via yvynyl]