Someone’s Hoping That There Are People Out There Who Want To Sing In The Shower With Adam Lambert

I’ve had some friends tell me that there is a lot of Adam Lambert stuff on eBay–jigsaw puzzles, watches, old copies of Playbill from his stint in Wicked–but perhaps the most bizarre curio is the shower curtain unearthed by Top Idol. It is just… a shower curtain… with a not-very-good approximation of his face on it. (It is “Handpainted with a brush just like a piece of art,” but you know, one man’s trash, etc.) More importantly, its Buy It Now price is $70 before you tack on $15-$20 for shipping! I can’t really see anyone buying this except maybe a frenemy of Danny Gokey for “kicks,” but then again, there are a lot of people out there who have more disposable income and/or crazy than me.

SHOWER CURTAIN Adam Lambert american idol singer [eBay]
Adam Lambert: Run While You Still Can [Top Idol]

  • whoneedslight

    He looks like the love child of Liza Minnelli and Charles Nelson Reilly.

  • Chris Molanphy

    If I use this shower curtain and get the hot water hot enough, will I be able to shriek like Adam?

  • Sniffle1

    Maybe it will help people remember to use a skin cleanser when they go in the shower. Poor Adam.

  • Maura

    @Sniffle1: it should come with a free bottle of exfoliant!

  • Maura

    ok, that was mean. sorry. not everyone was as into apricot scrubs from birth as i was.

  • KingofPants

    ZOMG just had total revelation re: the Lambert. So you know there’s that knock against him that who would pay to hear some dude wail? Well, when tooling around the AI site (yes, bored), I was reading his answers to some questionairre, and the one song he would love to perform on AI is “Whole Lotta Love.”


    Did someone call the Robert Plant connection earlier? I just want to make sure.

  • Vulture.Protein

    That shower curtain was made for dead hookers everywhere.

  • lokimotive

    I’d almost rather have a Richard D. James shower curtain.