Someone’s Hoping That There Are People Out There Who Want To Sing In The Shower With Adam Lambert

I’ve had some friends tell me that there is a lot of Adam Lambert stuff on eBay–jigsaw puzzles, watches, old copies of Playbill from his stint in Wicked–but perhaps the most bizarre curio is the shower curtain unearthed by Top Idol. It is just… a shower curtain… with a not-very-good approximation of his face on it. (It is “Handpainted with a brush just like a piece of art,” but you know, one man’s trash, etc.) More importantly, its Buy It Now price is $70 before you tack on $15-$20 for shipping! I can’t really see anyone buying this except maybe a frenemy of Danny Gokey for “kicks,” but then again, there are a lot of people out there who have more disposable income and/or crazy than me.

SHOWER CURTAIN Adam Lambert american idol singer [eBay]Adam Lambert: Run While You Still Can [Top Idol]