May 5th, 2009 // 4 Comments

File under things Simon Cowell probably never thought would happen: Constantine Maroulis is a Tony nominee. (His turn in the jukebox musical Rock Of Ages snagged him a Best Actor In A Musical nod.) Perhaps this honor will result in him finally getting a shower curtain of his own! [ArtsBeat; HT thisisareallybadidea]


  1. It is perhaps telling that this news comes a day or two after I idly noticed bus-stop posters around here for a touring version of Grease….”with Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel!”

  2. I really, really want to see Rock Of Ages. But you probably figured that, given its set list:

  3. So when the judges slam someone for being too “theatrical,” do they have any sense of self-awareness at all? This is why I’ve never understood Idol’s fixation on big voices and “pitchiness” — if you’re looking for someone who can belt out big numbers flawlessly, you’re looking for a musical theater singer, not the next Justin Timberlake.


  4. @KingofPants: Good point.

    Personally, I was with Simon all the way on Maroulis.

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