Daughtry Is Not Here To Shock You

May 6th, 2009 // 3 Comments

“No Surprise,” the lead single from Daughtry’s second album, doesn’t really have any, er, surprises in its bubblegrungy package, especially when you take into account that Daughtry co-wrote the song with fellow pop-rock strangleholder Chad Kroeger. The lyrics could be seen as a metaphor for his early exit from the show all those years ago: “It’s no surprise I won’t be here tomorrow / I can’t believe that I stayed till today / There’s nothing here in this heart left to borrow / There’s nothing here in this soul left to say,” the chorus goes. Probably a bit too bitter for it to be next year’s elimination-montage song, but you have to give him an “a” for effort. (YouTube rips of the track are getting pulled faster than you can say “Katharine McPhee,” but it’s streaming from his official site. [Official site]


  1. Pulled already. Re-post? I’d go trolling for it, but I mean…this is Daughtry. There’s a limit to my excitement here.

  2. @Chris Molanphy: Yeah, the Sony police seem to be out in full force. It’s streaming from his official site.

  3. Yeah, he’s here to make me want to stick ice picks in my ears.

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