Shins Shakeup Provides A Convenient Opening For “Change Your Life” Jokes

May 6th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Shins lineup changes: Marty Crandall and James Sandoval are out [Pitchfork]
• BitTorrent tracker site MiniNova taking steps to clear itself of infringing content [Slyck]
• Will the MTA‘s fiscal woes take music out of New York City’s subways? Maybe, but the auditions for the next crop of performers happened anyway [City Room]
Sunset Strip Music Fest has L.A. Guns on the bill and Ozzy Osbourne in the honoree slot [LiveDaily]

  1. Camper Van Beethoven seems a tad out of place on that bill.

  2. Were Crandell and Sandoval the reason why the Shins suck live? This is legit question as I honestly don’t know. If so, I might give them another chance when they blow through town again. But if not, I’ll stick to listening to the albums on my iPod.

  3. @How do I say this…Throwdini!?!: I’m going to be seeing them in a few weeks for the first time and, to be honest, not really expecting that much. Of course, I go to nearly 100 live shows a year so it takes a lot to impress me. However, they don’t seem like a band that really has that intangible sort of aura about them that makes a great live band.

  4. Shins suck, and the front man is clearly a douche.

  5. I’ve seen them twice way back when and live they’re just ok. I have no desire to see them again since I live in Portland and because they’re based here now, every show is sold out and filled to the gills with every d-bag hipster in town (same goes for Spoon and Sleater-Kinney when they were still around).

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