Anthonio Tries To Bring The Time-Honored Tradition Of The “Answer Song” Back

Last month, Norwegian pop singer Annie released “Anthonio,” an icy comeback single about a cad who had left her pregnant with his child. Shortly after the song came out, a MySpace user going by the name “Anthonio” started leaving remorseful messages on Annie’s MySpace page; judging by her public responses to his notes, she was not pleased–and neither were friends of hers like Sally Shapiro–with his after-the-fact attempts to apologize for leaving her with a kid. So he decided to clear his name the only way he knew how–through song:

So apparently Anthonio, in addition to having a thing for blondes, is a big freestyle fan, a theory borne out even further by the other track on the page, which–what do you know!–features Annie on backing vocals. And yes, the fact that they are on the same label means that this is probably all a viral-marketing thing for Annie’s single, which came out on iTunes earlier this week. (I actually found “Annie” while looking for “Anthonio” last night.) But you know what? I do not care, because the two Anthonio songs are the best TKA songs that 2009 has had to offer.Annie – Anthonio [YouTube]Anthonio [MySpace]
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