M.I.A. Is Not A Paper Plane-Thrower (When The Secret Service Is Around)

May 7th, 2009 // 5 Comments

miaoprahM.I.A. takes to her Caps Lock key for some notes on the Time 100 dinner, where she hobnobbed with Twitter execs and held her paper fire: “THE NEXT PERSON I MET WAS OPRAH!!!! SHE SAID SHE LIKED MY JACKET FROM THE MAGAZINE (THE ONE MY BROTHER GOT FOR ME FROM THE SIDE OF THE STREET AT SXSW 09) SHE SQUEEEEZED MY HAND SO HARD , I WAS CONVINCED SHE CARED. MICHELLE OBAMA GAVE A SPEECH AND THERE WAS MAD SECRET SERVICE IN THE AIR SO I DIDNT GET TO THROW A PAPER PLANE AT HER SAYING ‘STOP THE BOMBING OF THE TAMILS IN SRI LANKA’ ” Oh, don’t worry, Maya–I’m sure your ties to this country’s corporate aristocracy would have protected you from any real harm. [M.I.A.'s MySpace Blog]


  1. Oh darn it! She was totally going to throw that paper plane, too. If there’s one thing we learned in the past year, it’s that it’s impossible to throw things at someone guarded by secret service…be it a paper plane or, I don’t know…shoes. She’s still totally a revolutionary though.

  2. A revolutionary would have thrown the plane.

    She has no problem selling revolution; she just can’t act on it.

  3. @MayhemintheHood:

    Actually, we’ve learned that the opposite of what you’ve stated is true.

    Also the opposite is true in regards to “revolutionary”, she’s clearly incapable of sacrificing herself to a higher cause. Actually, she seemed to be comfortable and having a great time at an event that probably has the elite 10% in attendance.

    You can like her music and hate the person, you don’t have to accept the whole package.

  4. @Vulture.Protein: I was just being sarcastic. I agree with you.

  5. @MayhemintheHood:

    My bad, no intention to offend. Sarcasm / tone sometimes gets lost in posts and IM.

    I still like her music, but she peaks my bullshit meter every time…

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