Kylie Minogue has already added a second show to her stint at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, thanks to presale tickets selling out within an hour. I really hope they’ve cleared the calendar for all of October… [Bill Silva Entertainment]

  • ChrisB.

    I bet the Vegas and LA shows sold out in less than 5 minutes. I was on Ticketmaster at 10am sharp and couldn’t get tickets to either. Oakland was my consolation prize.

  • thumper

    i can’t fucking wait – hollywood bowl oct 4 im there!!!

  • 2ironic4u

    $85 seems like a lot for this or I’m just clearly out of the loop

  • romastrega

    @2ironic4u: I’m paying $125 for the Hollywood Bowl and I am fine with that. The only other way I’d ever see Kylie is if I’d fly halfway around the world…

  • Chainsaw Dick

    @romastrega: So let’s put this in perspective. AC/DC released basically six albums between 1975 and 1982 where every single song could have been a single (so, let’s generously give you the benefit of the doubt, scale it back, and say they only had 20 or so REALLY phenomenal songs, and they charge $85 on their latest arena tour. Kanye, one of the top acts in the world, charges about 100-150 for the best seats. Minogue, who I will admit is kind of a big deal, is charging $125? Does she have 5 serious hits to her name? Call me an American male, but I only remember two or three in the past 20 years. How does this make even remote sense? Does Kanye charge 120 pounds/ticket in Britain b/c he never goes there, and people say “it’s justified! it’s kanye! he never comes here!” when they throw away the 200 dollars? I guess I have a hard time coming to terms with paying that much money to see anyone, as the only band I’ve paid over $100 to see is the Stones.

  • NunyaB

    @Chainsaw Dick: putting aside the hit issues (of which she has plenty), here is perspective for you: do you think this is the start of a regular, or even occasional, series of live shows here? these are likely the only US shows she will ever play- first, and last. i’d say $125 for that kind of exclusivity, and those bragging rights, is not bad at all.

  • 2ironic4u

    @romastrega: so glad I don’t live in L.A. I’ve noticed in terms of venue selections, NYC usually gets the better deal.

  • romastrega

    @NunyaB: It’s not even about the bragging – it’s exactly what you said: this is probably the first and last time I will be able to see Kylie live.
    And if I used “multiple American hits” as the factor of who I see live, then I’d see very very few shows a year.

  • Chainsaw Dick

    @romastrega: the multiple hits was in reference to a show you would pay $125 to see.

    relatedly, the two shows i am stoked to see in the next month and change are the felice brothers and dillinger escape plan.