On The Internet, No One Knows If You’re A Dog (Or A Buckcherry Fan)

May 7th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Whether you can’t stand their Sunset Strip revivalism or have a soft spot for their music even though it seems kind of douchey, Buckcherry’s new video is kind of depressing for a group who first blew into the music scene while singing about cocaine. The clip for “Talk To Me” basically shows a bunch of people not talking to one another, but singing the song’s lyrics at one another… via Webcam. It’s like PJ Harvey’s “Man-Size,” but with 1998-era technology!

Of course, the thing about this clip is that it’s actually an accurate way of how a lot of people listen to music right now. Who among us hasn’t spent a night with iTunes and a bottle glass of wine, singing along with their favorite tunes while surfing the Web for the nugget of information that might make their data mining worth all the time they’ve spent doing it. (Some of us have, uh, even recently bought karaoke versions of songs they enjoy so as to accelerate this purpose. Cough.) Perhaps this video would be a little less of a bummer if it wasn’t so damn accurate, then.

Oh yeah, it would also be much improved if it didn’t have the three-year-old. At least she didn’t get to mouth along with the line about kissing between the thighs, right?

Buckcherry – Talk To Me [YouTube]

  1. The only people singing along to Buckcherry these days are Buckcherry.

  2. @AquaLung: I wouldn’t go that far. The band is experiencing a bit of a revival these days. “Revival” a relative term of course for a band who only had one major hit to come back on, but a revival nonetheless.

  3. With the popularity of Skype, GTalk, etc, is it really fair to call webcam chatting 1998-era technology? Sorry for nitpicking.

    Also, this probably isn’t a good thing. Like…at all, but does this song reminds anyone else of Aerosmith circa Get a Grip? Especially the “Paralyzed by what I’ve seen/girl you’ve got a hold on me” part? I know Josh Todd is Steven Tyler Jr., with the lips and all, but wow. (It could also be the whole web-cam/virtual reality parallels btw this and “Crazy.”

  4. @BigRicks: some of us had webcams in 1998!

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