Melanie Fiona Will Have Her Time Of The Season Soon

May 8th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Yesterday Chris Molanphy and I were talking about the relative stasis of the pop charts, and the lack of any summer jam contenders right now despite the season rapidly approaching. Well, I’d like to throw one contender in there: Melanie Fiona’s “Give It To Me Right,” which is based around an admittedly undeniable sample (the pounding bass line from the Zombies’ “Time Of The Season”) but which also sails along on the strength of the Canadian singer’s pipes, and which will probably sound really great in big open gatherings. The video also gets points for having a shot of a game of solitaire–a clever nod to the lyrics in which Melanie intimates that she can do a much better job satisfying herself than the emotional klutz at whom this song seems to be directed. [MySpace]

  1. You know what’s weird the whole summer jam thing (at least to me)? I feel like it barely exists. (I know, this subject has been beaten to death) but the ability to tune out Top 40 radio/popular itunes songs is just so easy these days that, if only a limited population cares anymore, there is no longer that general sense of unity that a hit summer song brings.

    Of course, maybe I just need to tune into Z100 more often. I don’t say that to imply that I’m too cool (hey, I was at The Bamboozle this weekend), I say it because, ever since college, I no longer can hum you/mock along with the popular hip-hop/r&b/dance-pop songs. Helll, the only thing I can think about when I hear Lil’ Wayne is “Lollipop” and just the chorus part.

  2. Phoenix’s 1901 is my summer jam 09.

  3. A bit more than the bass line was sampled…
    It’s the bass and drums…and also the keyboard during the verse…
    I’ll tell you what it lacks…

    Colin Blundstone’s amazing vocal…missing those…this entire song is a letdown no matter who is singing over top of it…

  4. This song is a bit of a mess. The sample just draws attention away from the singing and the soloing by the guitarist from Blues Hammer doesn’t help.

  5. I’m actually surprised “Time of the Season” isn’t sampled more often. Arguably, the whole song is based on the ’60s equivalent of a sample. It’s an interpolation on the Ben E. King bassline to begin with. And if the “ch-ch-AH!” could have been done with tape loops, I have to imagine it would’ve been — but this is a 1968 recording, so I assume all the vocal repeats are live.

    It’s also a good call for a summer song, because I’d argue that little bass/drum/vocal sample is one of the summeriest sounds in pop history.

  6. That sample is so irritating. Maybe it works for people who’ve never heard the first song?
    It sounds like it might be an interesting, if not necessarily good, song buried underneath all the cheap signifying.

  7. The rest of you can complain all you want. I’ve been hearing this song on the radio quite a bit lately, and it sounds WAY better than everything else that’s out for the season. I’m with Maura and Chris M. on this one — it’ll be a summer jam, and we should all be grateful, given what the possibilities were last year (*cough*Kid Rock *cough*)

  8. I’ve been a musician for 35 years. It is disgusting that “artists” like this can’t even come up with their own original music, but instead have to rip off true musicians who did the heavy lifting. The sickening thing is that so many sheeple think this is real music. No doubt, Ms. Fiona considers herself an artist. What a joke.

    There has always been pop music, but this is completely manufactured bullshit like so much of the crap that fills the airwaves today. In stark contrast to Ms. Fiona and her ilk are the Beatles, to cite one example. Yes, The Beatles were poppy in the beginning, but there is a huge difference between them and the myriad hip-hop and R & B cretins of today (country music is also manufactured garbage but at least the backing bands can play well. As far as modern rock goes, rock bands normally possess real musicians; however, with a few notable exceptions there has been nothing innovative in the rock genre in over a decade).

    The Beatles wrote their own music, played their own music and contributed to the musical lexicon in ways that would take many pages to delineate. Also, not only do they have staying power almost a half a century after the fact, but every musician that I’ve known throughout the years, regardless of genre, has the greatest respect for them. No musician that I know has any regard for the mindless cookie cutter garbage that has inundated the airwaves for far too long.

    I can’t believe how our culture has degenerated. The Zombies should sue (if theyr’e still alive) – I sure as hell would. I guess taking music lessons, learning to play an instrument and learning to write your own music is simply too much trouble for some people. Why waste your time when you can act immorally and rip off true musicians.

  9. david

    babarishka is totally right, how come people do not care today?. are they so tired of hearing things covered and copied (stolen) that no-one blinks an eyelid? I heard that copied song at work and was furious . If Argent and Bluntstone have any pride they should sue her – just think of the J S Bach line in ” whiter shade of pale” that was taken to court (by the 2 procul harum musicians) resulting in 500,000 pounds in loss of royalties. go for it zombies and stop this theft of intellectual properrty

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