This Tuesday, America Will Be Introduced To The Hardline According To Danny Gokey

May 8th, 2009 // 14 Comments

Today, the three American Idol finalists are making their hometown visits, and along with those visits come the announcement of the judge-selected songs each contestant will sing on Tuesday night. The heroic Idol blogger known as MJ has the scoop on the first pick, and oh boy is it a doozy: Paula Abdul, in a move that either proves she is a shrewd detector of oversized egos or completely whacked out, selected Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Dance Little Sister” for Danny Gokey. I mean… it’s just… oh, the dancing that will ensue. (And come to think of it, I suspect that “Sign Your Name” would have been kind of a great pick for Kris Allen. Oh well.) [Dailymotion; HT MJ]


  1. @allyzay: that was my original headline for this post!

  2. I’m actually glad this show is taking such a drastic southerly turn now, because I probably won’t be able to see it next week and will therefore not be subjected to the horrors!

  3. Looking for microscopic silver lining: a comeback for the track and the album on iTunes/Amazon?

    (Must be something in the water right now causing a TTD comeback — I pulled my dusty Hardline CD off the shelf about a month ago and ripped it to iTunes, and I’ve been buried in it ever since. “Let’s Go Forward” FTW.)

  4. oh godddd they’re making kris allen sing ‘apologize’! BOOOOO

  5. @Maura: Actually I don’t think Apologize is a bad pick for Hall Sparks Jr.

    What I’m stunned about is that Paul’a picked for Danny. Paula ALWAYS seems to pick for the one they want to go home third–it was she who picked the penguins for Syesha last year. Can it be that the bus coming for Kris has made a sudden detour in Danny’s direction? Please?

    And really the only thing that matter is: WHAT IS ADAM SINGING and WAS IT PICKED BY SIMON?

  6. @anibundel: i guess it fits; i just don’t like that song. it’s so dreary!

  7. @Maura: I remember Archie doing it last year in the finale–up until then I hadn’t liked Archie that much. Not only was that the first time I really liked Archie, but I thought he did it better than the original whiny guy–and that if he’d chosen that as one of his three for the finale, he’d been winning and not Cook. I think Hal Sparks could do the same.

  8. A TTD song for Danny is not a bad idea, but most people in the U.S. either never heard this song or forgot about it. Kris Allen doing “Apologize” is a terrible pick as well. Maybe Simon will pick Ted Nugent’s “Scream Dream” for Glambert.

  9. @jonian2008: How is it a bad idea if it means putting the “go” in “Gokey” (with apologies to EW)?

    I expect Simon to pick either a big pop ballad a la “Bleeding Love” for Adam, or perhaps something from Queen – the only rock band he seems to have some affection for/knowledge of.

  10. Looks like it’s U2′s “One”, which is kind of odd. Queen would have been better.

  11. I can DEFINITELY see why Paula might choose this song for Danny,

    (I mean, Terrence’s voice sounds so much like his, it’s spooky!)

    …But this is not, at all, the song Danny should be singing!

    It doesn’t really have that spark that gets people’s attention,
    So the only way that Danny might be able to make this still memorable, is if he pulls an Adam, and completely changes the arrangement on us. I sure hope he does!

    As for the other two choices: TBH, I don’t think either Kris nor Adam fared nuch better. “Apologize” And “One” are both good songs…But just not the right songs they should be doing. Let’s just hope everything still turns out o.k. All three are very talented, and I would def. buy any of their records, so good luck, guys!

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