The Next Crop Of 33 1/3 Books Will Not Be As Classic Rock-Leaning As You Might Have Feared

The 33 1/3 book series, in which one album is given a book-length treatment by a writer, has finally narrowed its latest shortlist down to 11 titles. The list of approved albums–and the authors who will be taking the albums on–for the 2010-2011 roster of books after the jump:

Portishead’s Dummy, by RJ Wheaton
Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, by Tony Tost
Television’s Marquee Moon, by Bryan Waterman
Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville, by Gina Arnold
AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, by Joe Bonomo
Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese, by Hank Shteamer
Radiohead’s Kid A, by Marvin Lin
Dinosaur Jr.’s You’re Living All Over Me, by Nick Attfield
Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace, by Aaron Cohen
Slint’s Spiderland, by Scott Tennent
The Rolling Stones’ Some Girls, by Cyrus Patell

Given the sorta-classic-rockish nature of the previous shortlist, I’m a little relieved that this roster of titles doesn’t hew as closely to the Canon Of Acceptable-To-Discuss Rock as some might have feared it might be. (NB: Dummy was actually not on that list; series editor David Barker said that he “changed my mind on that one, late in the day.”) And hey, at the very least, the semi-triumphant return of Gina Arnold should inspire some nostalgia for fanzine-era complaining!

The Chosen Eleven [33 1/3; HT (and congratulations to) scott pgwp]