Danny Gokey Is No David Cook (Or Taylor Hicks)

May 11th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Dear America: Please do not elect someone who can barely get through the first half-verse to “Billie Jean” while in concert as your Idol. Please. Please? (Although the people at 19 Entertainment should really talk to his backup singer about appearing next year. Think of the backstory amazingness!) [YouTube via ONTD]


  1. Also isn’t the lyrical content of “Billie Jean” a bit ~scandalous~ for Mr. Churchy?

  2. Is it true Danny’s blown out his voice?

    does it make me a bad person that the next thing I want to type is “please, pretty please, oh please oh please oh please.”?

  3. what the…jesus…what…ok!!!!

  4. This is an absolute Bunch of cRAP!!!! He was doing a medley of songs at a concert he put together for HIS fans not for Simon Cowell for Gods sake..He even said he wasnt sure about all the words and everything..
    He sang several songs and it was awesome..He did Signed sealed delivered, PYT Get Down Tonight What hurts the most and September..it was a FUN concert!!!! And remembered all the words to those songs but I dont see those videos just the one he maybe messed up a few words on…Do you ever have FUN at a concert?? Also what American Idol has NEVER screwed up the songs or the lyrics lets see- DAvid Cook David Archuleta Brooke White Clay Aiken etc. etc. and EVEN Adam Lambert and that was not at American Idol too A song called CRAZY on u tube he did..so oh my God stone him for messing up afew words the guy is multi talented and you just love to pick apart his every move. And He is no David Cook he is DANNY GOKEY! and he is here to stay so get used to it..

  5. Thanks for keeping Gokey’s name in every other post.

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