Amanda Palmer Threads The Needle At Her Alma Mater

May 12th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Our look at the closing lines of the week’s biggest music reviews takes us to Lexington, Mass., where Amanda Palmer’s play based on Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea–called With The Needle That Sings In Her Heart–was put on this past weekend. If you’re interested in seeing it yourself (and you have two and a half hours to kill), you can watch online.

• ”Get this… the scenes and music segued in and out of each other so seamlessly that the crowd didn’t erupt into applause until the conclusion of the production – I couldn’t believe it. The show wasn’t without its laughs, there were some jokes made by drunk Nazi guards that the crowd seemed unsure if they were supposed to chuckle at or not. A scene that featured three Greek Gods was by far the most lighthearted moment of the night.” [DaveO, Hidden Track]

• “Overall, the play underscored the power of art to deal with tragedy, and provided a fine example of an effective adaption of other artistic elements in a unique way. Kudos to Palmer, director Steven Bogart, and above all the students, who played a major role in creating a truly original, if inspired, work.” [Kerry Skemp, Bostonist]

With The Needle That Sings In Her Heart []


  1. Some day, these kids are going to look back on all this and realize that Brecht stopped being relevant in 1978. “I’m talking to the audience! It’s like there’s usually a wall between the performers and audience, but here, I’m breaking it!”

    From an actual theater perspective, the play (or the 45 minutes I was able to sit through) is completely ridiculous. From a highschooltheater perspective, it is undeniably cool. Now if you excuse me, I’m off to stage a juke box musical featuring the songs of Sloan. In case any of you were wondering, the DVD version of Slanted & Enchanted, OR Kubla Kahn: a Pavement musical will be out shortly.

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