This Just In: “American Idol” Producers Might Be Manipulating Show’s Results With Their Big Weepy Packages On Contestants

May 12th, 2009 // 4 Comments

But at least the point in this extremely exhaustive analysis of American Idol‘s producer manipulation is made in part with graphs! Yay! Actually I’m more surprised by the revelation on (I know) WorldNetDaily that Matt Giraud is a Christian pop singer–one of six singers of that persuasion to make it to this year’s top 13, even though “only two” are left. Out of three. Anyway, the analysis is pretty interesting, if kind of depressing in that more evidence that Kris Allen is probably going to strum his guitar all the way home when tomorrow night is said and done. [What Not To Sing]


  1. What is this place? I just got here by doing my daily Google search for “big weepy packages.”

  2. I was just ranting about this over on MJ’s the other night in her “Gokey Fails at Billie Jean” thread…but of course WNTS said it more eloquently and with much more detailed math.

    MJ compared Danny to Sanjaya, and the comparison struck a chord.
    Let us, for a moment, say Idol left the format alone this year, and we had to see Danny in the semis up against 11 semi-decent other guys every week for three weeks, rather than we see him once against 10 paper tigers, and then giving him two weeks of down time. Let us consider what would happen if we saw him do the once-a-week every week from 24-20-16, etc, rather than him getting to start at 12 with at least three total cannon fodders to get lost in a mushy middle in front of. And let us say this pimp package was played the first week, and then left alone, as it has been.

    When would his vocal limitations have come forward? How long would the pimp-package halo effect last? By my math, Top Four Week (when we saw Gokey crash-and-burn) is 9 weeks removed from the beginning of once-a-week, every week, if we start the clock at Week 12. But if he’d started this once-a-week every week from Top 24, like we’ve seen every year since Season Four, 9 weeks would be…Week Seven.
    Week Seven. Which is the week Sanjaya went home. It is also the week Kristy Lee went home, the week Scott Savol overstayed his welcome, and the week Kellie Pickler crashed-and-burned, and then she went home the next week. Nine weeks is when the ones who can’t really hang vocally, or aren’t willing to work quite as hard start to get obviously tired and ready for the game to be over. Even with refreshed pimping (as Kellie got practically every week in every package), can only get you so far when it becomes obvious to the viewer you are done with the game–a factor I think WNTS did not incorporate into their study.
    Forcing the clock not to start for Danny until Top 12 along with a teflon pimp package meant that his 9 weeks took him much deeper into the competition than other soap-opera heavy, vocally light singers got prior to this. But there is no doubt in my mind that even though those in the above group did not crack the top five, Danny belongs in the same camp. If this were Season Five, we would have seen Kellie in Top Four week, and see the same “This is what people would vote into the Top Three Over “x”?” sort of commenter hysteria that currently surrounds Danny on the internet.
    Just another rason, in case we needed more, for why the format change was the worst decision on Idol to date.

  3. WHOA! My whole comment shows up down the side. I am embarrassed.

  4. I don’t feel is appropriate for the judges to make comments on the last to contestants on the night before the final night. After all, the judges aren’t voting them in. The american public was I thought, but last night, the guy who came out with the totals said they set a new world wide record vote score of 100 million. I don’t think if yo live out side the United States, even if you are a citizen, you shouldn’t be able to vote, how would they check citizenship. It is called “American Idol” isn’t it? And I don’t think it should be allowed to vote more then once. Only the young teeny poppers have the time and their just voting for who’s the cutest, singing love songs to them. Had it ever been brought up before that Kris was married? I missed that episode if they did! Kris is good, but an amature, Adam is a preformer, a singer, can dance, can act. I think those attributes are more rewarding for a up and coming admirer to see them as a true Americal Idol, not just a cute boy who they all have love dreams about. Somehow the meaning of Idol has been lost. And you wonder why your ratings are down. I think others feel the same as I. But no matter what, Adam is going to kick some butt in the recording indistry.
    He can at least keep his head high for that, and not having to worry about a busy crown wearing, robe wearing, ceremony’s at high schools.

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