Jay-Z Announces Summer Tour, Redefines The Word “Intimate”

May 13th, 2009 // 6 Comments

jay_zJay-Z and Ciara are embarking on a short tour of the U.S. this summer, with the hip-hop heavyweight being backed up by a live band as he works on the finishing touches for the long-in-the-works Blueprint 3. One thing, though; the press release that was sent out referred to the venues on this tour as “intimate,” even though the capacities for the venues announced so far range from 2,400 (The Pearl at the Palms in Vegas, where the tour will spend two nights) to 9,500 (Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.). And the press seem to be copying and pasting that claim without abandon. Am I too much of a purist for thinking that an “intimate” venue is one where capacity is below the four-figure mark, or are these reporters just reflecting Jay being so used to his larger-than-life world that he’s forgotten what an actual club show is like? [Billboard]

  1. intimate – adj. in music-business parlance, smaller than the venues visited on a prior tour when the act in question was a bigger draw.

  2. A good supplement to this post is:


    “Rapper’s tour needs include luxury sedan, fancy wine, top-shelf jelly”

  3. @Vulture.Protein: I guess he doesn’t think we’re ready for that jelly just yet?

  4. I bet this plays either Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC or Theatre @ MSG. Neither of which are “intimate” (Hammerstein holds 5000, Theatre @ MSG is about 6500)

  5. @2ironic4u: well, the release also uses the phrase ‘major markets,’ which makes me wonder if uncasville = new york.

  6. @Maura: hahah! I wonder if he’ll only eat Ambrosia based jelly?

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