May 13th, 2009 // 9 Comments

wilcothealbumAs a card-carrying music blogger, it’s my duty to let you know that Wilco is streaming the camel-coated Wilco (The Album) from its Web site right now. Apparently it leaked last night, leading to the stream being hastily put up on a “beta” section of the band’s site and a bunch of people making “Wilco (The Leak)” jokes. (That’s one somewhat disheartening thing about the Internet: You get to see just how many people have the same sense of humor as you. No more special snowflakes allowed, despite parental protestations!) [Wilco World]

  1. And speaking as an unabashed fan, this is an incredible record. I can’t wait to actually pick it up!

  2. I will be buying this album.

    That is all.

  3. @thesemodernsocks: I agree. Loosening up seems to have done a world of good to Tweedy, and the band sounds more like a unit than ever before. Also, the vinyl is going gto look really nice with that cover.

    And I would’ve already expected a “Wilco wuz robbed!” comment about the leak by now…

  4. This makes me indescribably happy. I love Wilco more than life itself.

  5. Their last album leaked really early too. They seem to have some sort of problem with that.

  6. Makes me wanna smoke cigarettes all of a sudden.

  7. @LeighBlack: When it gets everyone excited about the actual release and the tour (as seems to be the case again with this one), it just seems like smart marketing, doesn’t it?

  8. I’m loving “Bull Black Nova”. Sorta reminds me of “Spiders”.

  9. @goldsounds: Agreed. Jesus, I love this album…

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