May 14th, 2009 // 8 Comments

BREAKING: White, well-moneyed male enjoys the style of mildly interesting, yet unoffensive music known colloquially as “indie rock.” [MSNBC / RS]


  1. I love Brian Williams. That is all.

  2. Wait until I send him a mixtape of Baltimore club.

  3. “BriTunes”? Lordy.

  4. @katles: Really? He’s a stuffed shirt who shilled for the Bush administration, who happens to like indie rock. What’s to love?

  5. @thesemodernsocks: Every interview I’ve seen him give, he’s been well spoken, witty, and generally seemed to be a good dude.

  6. There was a rumor going around about Stephen Colbert being a Neutral Milk Hotel fan.

    T’would explain that random appearance/song by Robert Schneider.

  7. @KinetiQ: Yeah, I’ve read in the past that he was spotted by an audience member singing a NMH song during a break in the taping.

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