The GEICO Cavemen Test Their Resistance To Kryptonite

May 15th, 2009 // 2 Comments

Apparently Gary “Numa Numa” Brolsma has been kicked to Geico’s curb by the insurance company’s admen: The insurance-for-dummies outfit’s new ads feature the Geico cavemen frolicking around to the strains of (ugh) 3 Doors Down, and the band’s video for the track “Let Me Be Myself” will apparently feature the pre-modern-age guys as well. It’s a long way down from prime time, isn’t it, guys? The new commercials after the jump.

This campaign would seem to be “WTF” on many levels, particularly because it’s the cavemens’ slightly offended, prim speech patterns that make the ads so funny. Oh well.

3 Doors Down Meets The Geico Cavemen []


  1. I actually dvr’d and watched every episode of Cavemen. Yeah, I know…

    The bowling one’s not that bad. It reminds me of the one where the caveman is at a basketball game…sometimes these work just on their bummed out expressions.

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