After months and months of trans-Atlantic buildup, Ida Maria’s Fortress ‘Round My Heart landed on these shores, and those of you who want to support Ida’s efforts to break the States but are on a budget can currently pick up a digital copy for $5. Fortress is certainly worth the price of a single (good) beer, its 10 songs mixing swagger and vulnerability in a twitchy, irresistible way. Those of you who have somehow missed my outsized evangelism for the Norwegian singer can hit the “More” link to check out the videos for “Oh My God” and “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked,” the latter of which is currently inching up the Hot Modern Tracks chart.

Fortress ‘Round My Heart [Amazon via ChordStrike]
Ida Maria – Oh My God [YouTube]
Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You`re Naked [Dailymotion]

  • 2ironic4u

    Are you going to the Hiro Ballroom show?

  • Maura

    @2ironic4u: alas, i’m going to be in miami that night.

  • BradNelson

    Yo Maura, thanks for this post. Despite all your previous Ida Maria posts, for some reason I never felt the desire to check her out until the phrase “only $5″ was attached.

    Fuck yeah @ this. First time in forever that I bought an album based on one song.

    (Also, if anyone’s interested, it was the first time ever that a bunch of words fell out of me within minutes of the first listen: )